Investment Banking

Alternative Investments/Hedge Funds

An intensive 2-day workshop giving delegates the ability to develop their knowledge of Hedge Funds and alternative investments. The program will define the different categories of hedge funds and their strategies as well as the risks and characteristics. The course will cover the current state of the local hedge fund industry as well as the prospects for future growth and evolution under new regulations.

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Introduction to Investment Banking

This 2-day course introduces delegates to investment banking. It is designed to give delegates an overview of the different areas within investment banking, their clients and the products and services offered or sold to investment banking clients.

This course should give delegates an enhanced ability to understand the benefits of interacting with an investment bank and opportunities to cross-sell investment banking products, recognise opportunities to work or pitch jointly with investment banking divisions to add value to principal transactions or to advisory services by working alongside divisions of an investment bank and even enabling them to assess which areas of an investment bank their skills might be best suited to.

Whilst this course is not intended to be a technical course, it nevertheless exposes delegates to technical jargon in introducing an investment bank’s products and services.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (‘M&A’) is a major global driver of corporate growth. Unfortunately, most deals fail to deliver the expected benefits post implementation. It is often said that a third of M&A deals create value, another third destroy shareholder value and the jury is out on the remaining third of deals concluded. M&A is a very specialized field and most managers only encounter a few deals during their corporate careers. Understanding the features of successful M&A transactions and the potential pitfalls are skills that most managers should have in their armoury. Also, be able to question commonly held myths about deal making can only be useful in practice.

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Mergers and Acquisitions with Company Valuations

Valuing a company or a venture is a core skill in business. It is estimated that more than half of all merger & acquisition deals fail to deliver value for acquirers, the main reason being that they pay too much for acquisition targets. During this 2-day workshop, we look firstly at the fundamentals of Mergers & Acquisitions and then explore the relevance of proper Company Valuations during merger-or-acquisition deals on day 2.

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Valuing a business is partly an art and mostly a science. This one day workshop will provide an overview of the best practices in discounted cash flow (“DCF”) and earnings based valuations. It will cover the basic theories underlying valuation bases and then move into practical issues in valuing businesses.

The workshop will alert practitioners to the nuances of DCF valuations and highlight potential pitfalls and common errors in valuations. Using earnings multiples will also be covered from a practical perspective.

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Valuations Masterclass

The 2 day workshop will cover most practical aspects of valuations. We will select a listed company (details to be revealed later), given the publically available information, and attempt to value this business. Delegates should bring their own laptops as we will build and polish an Excel valuation model together. The outputs from the workshop will include a comprehensive valuation model together with sensitivities and reasonability checks, which model could be replicated in any real world valuation.

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