Specialised Finance

Project Finance

Project Finance is a method of financing large infrastructure projects. It is particularly appropriate in Public Private Partnerships in which the concessionaire or licensee either sells its product to the State or utilises state assets for a fee. However, it is also appropriate for large private sector projects such as mining or manufacturing. No matter what the underlying project is, the way to procure project financing is the same, with a particular focus on risk and risk mitigation.

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Mining Finance and Valuations

This course is designed to assist delegates in investment appraisal techniques, equity valuation by discounting dividends, costs of debt and equity, the use of EBIT, EBITA, EBITDA, valuation methodology for mine expansion as well as alternative multiple-based valuation ratios. This mining workshop will also provide individuals with the ability to enhance their financial knowledge by utilising cash flows, calculating beta and risk premium.

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Municipal Finance

The Municipal Finance Essentials workshop lays the basic foundation of knowledge on Municipal Finance and includes coverage of interpretation of applicable legislation, credit profiling, funding and risk management.

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