Risk and Compliance

Practical Risk Management


• To assist risk practitioner’s and line management to understand the roles
• To enable organisations to set up and align their risk functions
• To ensure that policy and procedures are in place
• Understanding of the new role of internal audit
• Accepting that risk management has numerous benefits and is not only a compliance activity

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Enterprise Risk Management and Governance

As the world has become more and more transparent so risk has emerged with both financial and non-financial risk, as one of the main areas of potential liability in business today. It is also no longer just the outcome or objective that is judged and to which liability is attached, but even more importantly, the way these objectives are achieved that are under continual scrutiny.

This change in the risk landscape has happened parallel to the increased demand for major infrastructure – and pressure placed on this infrastructure throughout the world. With the ability of anyone, anywhere to identify and expose areas of risk, the importance of properly governing and managing risk has become paramount.

This programme is aimed at providing a strategic, governance approach to the management of operational risk. The course will cover and provide exposure to a range of Risk Governance and Risk Management standards, tools and processes, including how to effectively manage risk (both negative and positive).

This hands-on workshop delivers the key structures for implementing effective Enterprise Risk Framework. The course consists of two intensive days filled with pragmatic methods, comprising of numerous interactive exercises designed to assist and determine the most effective risk management techniques for your organisation.

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