Portfolio/Asset Management

Portfolio Management

This course is intended to assist participants in developing a portfolio management ‘style’ by understanding different Investment Philosophies and the Art of Asset Allocation. Applicable to Private Client Portfolio Managers, Private Investors, Equity Analyst Grads, Stock Brokers, Financial Planners, Investment Analysts and Investment Managers, Senior Management involved in the running of corporate, Pension and Provident Fund trustees and administrators, Graduates interested in a career in Asset Management, Investment Management, Portfolio Management and the running of Hedge Funds.

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Equity Analysis

This course is designed for the participants to conduct equity analysis on a typical listed company by analysing the business and its scope of operations. It also deals with the segmentation of the business’s operations and subsidiaries, and how they contribute to revenue, EBIT and overall profitability. Applicable to: Private Client Wealth Managers, Equity Analyst Graduates, Stock Brokers, Financial Managers involved in Budgeting or Planning, Financial Planners, Investment Analyst Grads, Management involved in the running of companies, Pension and Provident Fund Trustees

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