Paton Search & Consulting offers you 4 highly effective professional services:

  • Retained Executive Search
  • Contingent Search (new offering!)
  • Talent Management
  • HR Business Partnering Solutions

Executive Search

Paton Search and Consulting Stacked

Industry experienced and multilingual research teams utilising latest search methodology. Our search team leaders each have in excess of 15 years’ experience acting for local and international blue-chips in delivering on complex and high-end assignments in emerging and established markets.

Our Executive Search process is fluid and highly consultative. We are effective in identifying and enticing hard-to-locate senior talent. We interview and subsequently shortlist individuals with the required and specific industry skills pre-agreed with the Client. Our discipline and strict research methodology guarantees appropriate results.



Highly experienced Search Team

Our consultants are smart (!) and technically strong and have covered many industries in detail in their extensive portfolio of completed successful search mandates.

Quick Delivery Time

Paton Search & Consulting guarantees delivery of an appropriately qualified short list in a turnaround time of as little as three to four weeks.

Leading Industry Research Methods

Our Research methods are current, resilient and tried and tested. We emphasise fast turnaround times combined with intensely focused research.

Good value

Our fees offer good value for money and are highly competitive. We do reward clients for repeat and regular business.

Our consultants are smart (!) and technically strong and have covered many industries in detail in their extensive portfolio of completed successful search mandates. We treat assignments as unique and customise talent mandates to exactly suit your needs. We listen to your requirements and tailor our approach to meet these. Candidates presented by Paton will critically have the right experience, skills match and abilities.

Paton Search & Consulting guarantees delivery of an appropriately qualified short list in a turnaround time of as little as three to four weeks.

By continuing to consult with the client throughout the mandate, Paton Search & Consulting is able to adapt to and implement changes required by the client. We are able to adjust to updated client role specifications and therefore effectively partner our clients throughout the duration of the mandate.

Our Research methods are current, resilient and tried and tested. We emphasise fast turnaround times combined with intensely focused research.
Our methods produce high success rates in securing the most appropriate candidates matching the specifics of clients’ preferences. We have a multilingual Research team that is effective in understanding nuances of culture and language, which is essential in accurately meeting client expectations of candidates. Our team comprises researchers deeply experienced in local, continental and international search mandates. We have deep knowledge of the many sectors that we serve, with many of our staff hailing from those industries themselves, bringing highly relevant knowledge of such sectors.

Our fees offer good value for money and are highly competitive. We do reward clients for repeat and regular business. We are accustomed to working according to detailed Service Level Agreements with many of our major clients. Our group has enjoyed 18 years of success in highly competitive markets and has earned the trust, respect and loyalty of a large client base over this period.

Contingent Search

Paton Personnel now offers a new recruitment service; It's called Contingent Search.

It's best explained like this:

  • Executive Search can be a lengthier and more costly process
  • Traditional recruitment cannot guarantee that you will find a candidate
  • We have a new solution!

Paton Personnel offers a “Contingent Search” solution. Simply put, our clients get top candidates, at a lower cost and with less risk to you the client.

Contingent Search is a recruitment offering for recruiting at a Senior/C-Suite level that adopts the Retained Search Methodology but applies a Contingency Recruitment payment and risk structure and has much faster turnaround times.

We take over more of your risk. What risks? The risk of non-placement and the risk of high costs. No placement means no fee and yet we still ensure business excellence in terms of processes.

The Search process will look at both the active as well as passive candidate market. It provides a clear snapshot off all available talent in the industry and geographic area and it allows a client company to sift through all appropriate competitors to identify ideal candidates. It benchmarks the best available talent against each other with constant reports on industry trends. Although Retained Search is a highly effective method of recruitment, at times this method may not be ideal due to the slower process, higher cost and the perceived risk of having to pay without a guarantee of achieving the desired outcome.

The Contingency Recruitment model differs from Retained Executive Search in that it is faster, volume driven and not as process driven. It focuses on active job seekers, where CV’s are obtained from databases, networks, advertising and referrals. The method is useful where there are bigger talent pools or at lower level positions where candidates are more readily available. It presents candidates to multiple companies at once. It is cheaper and invoiced only upon successfully placing the candidate, thus there is no risk to the client as there are no retainer fees charged.

Contingent Search is long overdue and is a hybrid model designed to suit current market conditions and to modernise the recruitment offering at senior hire levels by bridging the gap between Search and Contingency recruitment. Using our Contingent Search method, our clients are able to recruit very effectively at senior/executive level and appoint the best candidate within a 3-4 week period, without having to carry risk. We are able to apply this service to positions over R 1.5m. Candidates are only offered to one client and this would apply to smaller talent pools where candidates are not readily available. There are no retainer fees charged, but a small once-off initiation fee and/or a short period exclusivity arrangement is agreed for complex assignments.


  • Comprehensive search & research
  • Talent mini-maps


Our search methods are highly effective, fast and suit our client's current needs relating to reduced cost and meaningful results.

Talent Management

Paton Search & Consulting provides our clients with an external succession pipeline and talent benchmark.

We utilise a comprehensive Talent Mapping methodology to identify and map individuals.


  • Relevant companies
  • Appropriate industries
  • Required candidate skills, abilities & competencies.

We provide you with a comprehensive overview of current and rising executives in specific roles and specific markets.

Paton Search & Consulting turnaround times are quick. Our Talent Map will show you the profiles of skill sets currently performing the required function in target organisations in targeted markets. We will include candidates who could effectively be promoted into the envisaged role. This assists clients in identifying possible future resourcing moves and can save the client extensive resources in future recruitment processes especially during a client's growth and expansion into new markets.

Period to completion of our Talent Maps is usually 4 weeks.

There are occasions where direct headhunting does not suit client requirements. In these instances Talent Maps are effective for the client in visualising an ‘external succession talent pipeline’. Talent Mapping is also beneficial to clients who implement Talent strategies such as localisation and diversity.

Whether it’s Africa, Middle East, Europe, Latin America or Asia Pacific, Paton Search & Consulting can obtain detailed market intelligence, remuneration information and competitor employee maps in many markets locally and abroad.

HR Business Partnering Solutions

Paton Search & Consulting offers value added HR partnering services in Talent Acquisition and Retention strategies.

High-Potential Tracking:

It is very costly to lose critical skills after heavily investing in sourcing talent and especially in the early stages when employees start to make a positive contribution. Losing this skill in cases where the employee was a rising star within the organization is even more costly. Tracking these high potential candidates within the industry in order to bring them back is imperative in a skill set short market. Our ‘tracking document’ is tailor-made to your requirements.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

A dedicated consultant on site as a “project lead” in order to drive projects. Such consultant can either be on your head count and be absorbed into the client at the completion of the project or remain on our head count.

Salaries, Benchmarking and Surveys:

Paton Search and Consulting is able to provide market intelligence based on information gathered through thorough research on current levels of REM Packages for benchmarking purposes in specific roles as well as compa-ratios.
In addition we can facilitate psychometric and other evaluations according to role specialization and required skills base. The evaluations are unbiased in terms of culture, race and gender

Africa Search / Africa Diaspora / Africa Executive Search.

Recruitment in Africa can present many challenges. It is therefore imperative to have the right African Recruitment Agency to partner your business.

Paton Search & Consulting specializes in Africa Recruitment.   Our Africa Talent Search teams are highly skilled African Recruiters. They understand the complexities of African Talent Recruitment with regards to how trade blocks and country governance as well as corruption may influence Africa Talent Acquisition.   This makes Paton Search and Consulting a very serious contender in this space as a leading African Search Agency.

We not only offer recruitment of Senior Talent in Africa, but also Recruitment of Africa Diaspora Talent. Recruitment of Diaspora Talent in Africa is complex and time consuming and should be handled by a professional Africa Diaspora agency, such as Paton Search & Consulting.   Paton Search & Consulting is one of the few Africa Search Agencies who deliver! Our experts are currently handling mandates to Recruit Africa Talent in Sub Saharan Africa. We have a proven track record and handle Senior Recruitment in Africa as well as Business Critical and highly specialised Retained African Search assignments.   Let our multicultural Africa Talent Recruitment/Search experts assist you in all your Recruitment in Africa!

Sectoral Speciality


  • Agriculture
  • Banking & Financial Services
    • Insurance, Medical Insurance (Providers and Funders), Life Insurance, Underwriters, Banking (Commercial, Retail, Private, Investment), Asset Management, Wealth Management, Trade Finance, Risk and Credit management.
  • Biotechnology
  • Bottling
  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Education & Publishing
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Engineering
  • Facilities Management
  • FMCG
  • Healthcare companies
  • Legal
  • Leisure, Travel & Tourism
  • Medical Devices (direct and distributor companies)
  • Mining (surface and sub-surface)
  • Oil & Gas
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals (ethical, generic and OTC)
  • Retail / Wholesale
  • Security
  • Shipping & Harbours
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Technology & Telecommunications.


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Head of Division
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