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About Training

We facilitate technical and generic Training programmes with top local and international trainers.

Paton Training provides performance improvement courses that can be customised to match exact client specifications. Using deep technical insight and drawing on an innate understanding of our client’s goals, culture and priorities, Paton Training is able to provide innovative and relevant NATIONAL training solutions THAT TRANSLATE INTO RESULTS!

Paton Training is a specialist provider of in-house training to our Candidates and Clients and also hosts public training courses.


Paton Training’s mission is to enhance our Clients' competitiveness and to elevate our Candidates' careers. The Group’s client base is representative of the highly intelligent and specialised nature of our service and comprises the most prestigious corporates as well as top banking and financial services institutions in the country.

We understand that organisations do not merely want to arrange training, they want to invest in results, and our customised solutions are geared towards meeting the development needs of our clients in their quest for efficiency and sustainability. We believe that by offering an intelligent service, providing an adaptable training focus presented by highly knowledgeable trainers that suit their audience, companies will continue to prefer us and to seek our advice.

As a result of our long-standing client relationsips we have an intimate understanding of Client goals, culture and priorities, enabling us to effectively customise course content and presentation.


Paton Training offers specialised and technical training within the following areas:

In-house or Public Courses:

- Finance (technical skills)
- Financial Modelling (technical skills)
- Leadership skills (soft skills)
- Management and Supervisory skills (soft & technical skills)
- Project Management (technical skills)
- HR (soft and technical skills)
- Sales & Marketing (soft and technical skills)
- Risk Management (technical skills)
- Intermediate to Advanced Excel (technical skills)

Contact Person

The Paton Training Team consists of Specialists with Significant Experience in Training

karenKaren Govender - Training Portfolio Manager
Degree: Dip. Marketing Management

Karen is a vibrant, highly skilled and amiable person. We were fortunate in having her join our company in 2014, taking responsibility for our Public Courses. Being energetic, and dependable has earned her the trust of both internal and external stakeholders. She is highly professional, meticulous and focused on customer care, which has allowed her to fulfil her role in our organisation with distinction.